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Why I Can’t Play MP4 on my Xbox One S?

August 17 2016 , Written by Bonnie Published on #play mp4 on xbox one s, #encode mp4 to xbox one s, #transcode mp4 to xbox one s, #best mp4 converter

Outline: This article focus on such issues and guide you to play MP4 video hassle free on your Xbox One. 

Microsoft says the Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the original, and it shows. Instead of a hulking monster of a machine squatting under your TV, you have this slim, white box. The One S can also be stood up vertically on a simple stand that clicks in a satisfying, sturdy way. The stand comes gratis in the 2TB model, but costs $20 extra for the 1TB or 500GB models.Yes, the Xbox One S will support High Dynamic Range and 4K video. Besides playing games, you can also can play some videos and movies on Xbox One S. If you get any playing MP4 videos an movies on Xbox One S, just reference this guide. 

Though the Xbox official website announces that MP4 videos can now be played on Xbox One S, many people still have problems of playing MP4 on Xbox One S. Many people ask “Can Xbox One S play MP4?” 

Can Xbox One S Play MP4? 

Xbox One could only play a specific codec encoding MP4 format. In that case you might face an incompatibility issue while watching videos. Just learn Xbox One S supported formats: 

Following are Xbox One S supported Video/Audio Formats. 


 Why sometimes can’t Play MP4 on my Xbox One S? That's because it only supports an MP4 file with the video codec of MPEG-4 AVC H.264 and MPEG-4. However, different MP4 files tends to have different video codecs and the codecs which might not be compatible with the console. 

How to Play MP4 on Xbox One S? 

To play those incompatible MP4 files on Xbox One, the easy solution is to convert MP4 to Xbox One's supported formats, and then transfer the converted files via the DLNA server. 

Make Preparation: Run MP4 to Xbox One S Converter 

Free download the powerful MP4 to Xbox One S Converter – Pavtube Video Converter, and run it. 

Pavtube Video Converter is a smart MP4 to Xbox One S Converter. With it, you can convert MP4, MP4, MKV, WMV, MXF, FLV, 3GP, MTS, M2TS, H.265, WebM, WebM VP9, TS, etc to customized video formats for Xbox to watch video on Xbox One S. Besides, the MP4 to Xbox 360 Converter also enables you to edit, merge, trim and convert between any popular video and audio formats as well extract audio from video. (read review

If you are a Mac user, the equivalent Pavtube Video Converter for Mac will be your ideal app. 

Now download the software on computer and follow the guide below to start MP4 to Xbox One Sconversion. 


Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

How to Watch all MP4 videos on Xbox One S? 

Step 1: After downloading, install and run the program, then you can either directly drag the MP4 movies you want to the program or click "Add video" button to browse and select MP4 files from your hard drive for converting. 


Step 2: You can also choose the output format from "Zune/Xbox 360 Device". From the sublist, the "Xbox 360 Video - Windows Media Video(*.wmv)", "Xbox 360 Video (640*480)(*.wmv)", "Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv)" are all the friendly formats for you to add videos/movies to Xbox One. 


Step 3: At last, click the "Convert" button at the bottom right corner to start MP4 to Xbox One conversion immediately. After conversion, you can click "Open " to locate the converted MP4 video files and just stream them to your Xbox One S for playing without limitation! 

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Get MP4 files recognized by WDTV Media Player

May 17 2016 , Written by Bonnie Published on #play mp4 on wd tv, #convert mp4 to wd tv, #best mp4 converter

The WD TV is a consumer device produced by Western Digital that plays videos, images, and music from USB drives. It can play high-definition video through an HDMI port, and standard video through composite video cables. It can play most common video and audio formats. Though WD TV Media Player announced to play MP4 via USB drive or network; sometimes we still encounter cannot play the MP4 video files on WD TV HD Media Player, WD TV Mini Media Player, WD TV Live HD Media Player, WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, WD TV Live Hub Media Center, or the WD Elements Play due to the complicated codecs of MP4. The following article will explain the reason as well as provide an easy solution to successfully play all kinds of MP4 video formats (Blu-ray MP4, H.265 MP4 etc) on WD TV. 


WD TV supported formats 

Video formats and codecs: 

MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, AVI, H.264, MKV, MOV (MPEG4, H.264), M2TS, TP, TRP, TS, MP4, ASF, VOB (unprotected or unencrypted) 

Audio formats and codecs: 


How to Solve can’t play MP4 on WD TV? 

An all-in-one method to successfully play video files on WD TV Media Player is to convert MP4 to WD TV more compatible one. Pavtube Video Converter is just the ideal WD TV Converter which has both Windows and Mac verison. 

Acting as the WD TV Video Converter,Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can convert MKV, H.265, AVI, FLV, SWF, WebM, OGV, F4V, F4F, WTV, DVR, ASF, MPEG, WMV, AVI, DivX, DV, MP4, M4V, MOV, MXF, MKV, VOB, MTS, 3GP, and etc to WD TV more supported video format. Acting as the WD TV Audio Converter, Pavtube onverter can convert CAF, VOC, Apple Lossless, M4A, AMR, QCP, AC3, AU, and more to WD TV audio format. 

Mac version - Pavtube Video Converter for Mac

Download and get the best MP4 to WD TV Video Converter:


Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

Step by step to convert MP4 to WDTV player on Windows (10)

Step 1: Click "File" menu to import MP4 videos to the program.  

Step 2. Set right output format. Click "Format" bar, and select .mp4 from "Common video" or "HD video" to suit WD TV. 


Tips: The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the "Settings" button to change the settings by yourself including video resolution, bit rate, audio sample rate, audio channel etc. for full screen playback smoothly. Or keep no changes, which is also a good choice. 

Step 3. Click the "Start conversion" button on the main interface and the software will start to convert MP4 to WD TV friendly video formats immediately. When the conversion finishes, click "Open" to find the converted video files. Then you can effortless transfer the video files to WD TV for playback on the go. 

Simple Steps to Transfer your MP4 video files to WD TV quickly: 

1) Map it as a drive on the computer that has the files you want to copy to the Hub (this is how I do it since I mass copied all my movies to the Hub with it connected to the PC on CAT5 and now only need to update) 

2) Copy the files to it as a network device 

3) Connect the Hub directly to the computer using CAT5 and a NIC 

4) Remove the HDD from the Hub and connect it on a SATA connection or a USB SATA adapter (Destroys your Warranty) 

5) Remove your computer's HDD and connect it to the HUB by whatever means you want to use (MAY destroy your PC's warranty) 

6) Copy files to a backup USB HDD then connect it to the Hub and copy the files 

7) Use a USB thumbdrive 

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Convert Torrent to MP4 on Windows 10

May 4 2016 , Written by Bonnie Published on #convert torrent to mp4, #best mp4 converter, #best mp4 encoder

Sometimes you may fail to play your torrent video. Never overlook Pavtube Video Converter when converting Torrent files to MP4 because it is well suited. We all know MP4 is supported by many video programs and various hardware devices like iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, PSP, BlackBerry, HTC, Xbox etc. You can feel free to play torrents anywhere and anytime by converting it to MP4 with the best MP4 video converter. (Read Review)

Hot features of Pavtube Video Converter:

  • Convert torrent video to any fommat (HD/3D/4K video included) in high quality.
  • Simply convert torrent video to your Android and Apple phones for better playback experience.
  • Transcode MP4 to any HD media player, Tablets, Smartphones, Game consoles, 4K TV, 3D TV, Projectors, NLE etc.
  • 6X Fastest conversion speed to let you work efficiently and effectively.
  • Supported : Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

Mac version: Pavtube Video Converter for Mac


Free download and install the best MP4 video converter



Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

How to convert torrent to MP4 with Pavtube Video Converter? 

1. Import Torrent Files 

When you launch the program, click on “Add Video” from the menu bar and you will easily add the files that you want to work on. With that option, it’s easy adding multiple files at the same time. There is the easier alternative of dragging and dropping the files. 

2. Choose MP4 as Output Format 

Click the format icon in the "Output Format" pane, and choose "MP4 video" from "Format" > "Common Video" as the output format. If you'd like to play them on your some devices, you can choose the optimized preset from the device category. 


1. You can freely adjust the parameters for both audio and video by clicking on the "Settings" option; 
2. You can trim, crop, and merge multiple videos, or add watermark and subtitle etc. (Simply click the "Edit" in the video bar and choose the "Edit" option). 

3. Start Converting Torrent to MP4 

There is a button marked “Convert” which you should click to begin the conversion process. It might be very fast if the file is short but if it’s long, you will have to wait for some time. 


If you have some other MP4 video playback/editing/sharing issues, just learn the MP4 tips from the "How To".

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Reduce MP4 File Size for Better Playback/Sending/Uploading/Space Saving

April 7 2016 , Written by Bonnie Published on #compress mp4, #reduce mp4, #transcode mp4, #encode mp4, #shrink video file size, #best mp4 converter

How to reduce MP4 video file size is becoming a hot search. Here shares you one solution to reduce MP4 File Size for better playback/sending/uploading/space saving on Windows (10).

Nowadays we are facing with size-limited requirements in various cases. Many video files can easily occupy much space, especially for those in HD/UHD formats. Therefore, we are facing with no choice but to shrink video file size. For example: YouTube says that the MP4 video is to large to be uploaded, a single HD movie eats up 50% storage of the iPhone, Email requires smaller file size to send the video. MP4 is the common video format, so next we will teach you how to reduce MP4 and transcode MP4 to any format you need.

And WMV and FLV provide relatively small size, so you can convert MP4 to H.264 MP4, WMV or FLV with small size. So there are three ways to reduce MP4, first is convert MP4 to H.264 MP4, WMV or FLV, second is change MP4 parameter settings, Incl. Video Resolution, Frame Rate and Bit Rate, third is trim unwanted part to downsize MP4 video File. Good news is Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (Mac) can realizes all what you need. It has two versions for both Windows and Mac OS X, helping you compress MP4 in a more stable way than HandBrake, and more convenient than Windows Movie Maker. 

This video file size reducer can easily reduce video to smaller size by compressing HD 1080P/4K UHD large space video to low-space formats like WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MP4 etc. Packed with advanced editing features, it will further shrink video file size by adjusting the parameter settings or trim unnecessary parts for sharing on YouTube or playing on various devices, say iPhoneiPadSamsung, Android mobiles and more. (read review). Download it first to our computer, add/drag video to it after installing by wizard, and then shrink/reduce MP4 file size as follows:

Free download and install 


Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

Reduce MP4 File Size quickly on Windows (10)

Step 1: Free download this video size reducer on Windows 10, launch it and click "Add File" to load the video files you want to compress.

Step 2: Reduce MP4 by 3 ways

Method 1. Select a smaller-size format as the output format like H.264 MP4, WMV, FLV 

Method 2. Adjust the video settings (bitrate, resolution, video codec, Sampling rate etc), cut the unnecessary parts or split the video into shorter pieces etc to further decrease the file size.

Method 3. You can use the "Trim" function to remove the unwanted segments by deciding where to start and where to end when converting the selected clip.

Step 3: After you finish the above steps, click the "start conversion" button to start to reduce video size without losing quality. The whole MP4 video file size compression task will be done within merely mins.

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How to Play MP4 on DVD Player?

August 14 2015 , Written by Bonnie Published on #mp4 to dvd player, #play mp4 on dvd player, #best mp4 converter

Description: Are you worried that DVD players can't play MP4 videos? Don’t worry! The tutorial shows you how to play MP4 videos on DVD player without any problems.

It is well known to us that DVD player is becoimg more and more popular, which includes standared DVD player like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc and portable DVD player like Sylvania 9-Inch SDVD9000B2, Philips PD9012/37 9-Inch LCD Dual Screen, etc. You can choose what you want most DVD player according to your needs such as screen size, sound quality, built-in speakers, etc. But when you play MP4 videos on DVD player, you may encounter the following similar problems:

“I have made an MP4 video with DVD Creator and need to get it to play on DVD Player. But why when I try to put the MP4 file on the DVD player, it says “the file is not supported yet.“ What should i do?”

DVD player may play various formats: DVD, CD, MPEG-2, Divx AVI. Though you have many MP4 videos, the sad part is that the DVD player does not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes. So what is the best solution for this problem, will MP4 played on DVD player nicely? Here we offer two solutions for you.
Method 1. Burning MP4 to DVD player with five steps

MP4, otherwise known as MPEG-4, is a video format that is most notably used in portable video players such as the iPhone, Android, PSP, etc. However, the format is readily acceptable on most video programs you use on your computer and it is even possible to play the video on a DVD player. The only requirement is that the MP4 be on either a video CD or DVD.

1. Power on your computer and launch the CD/DVD burning software. You need to have the MP4 video on a disk for the CD/DVD player to read it.

2. Decide on if you want to burn CD/DVD. This may all depend on the size of the MP4 video file. If the MP4 video is larger than 700 megabytes you need to go with a DVD (700 megabytes is as much as a CD can hold).

3. Select either video CD/DVD on the menu of the burning software. Click and drag the MP4 video into the main viewing screen of the software, title the disk and click "Burn." The burning process will begin. Depending on the size of the video file, the burning process may take a few minutes.

4. Remove the CD/DVD from the computer once it has finished burning. Power the DVD player on and insert the disk into the drive. Turn on the TV and switch it to the video setting for the DVD player.

5.Wait for the MP4 video to load up on the television screen. Press the "Play" button on the DVD player to begin the playback.

Tips: If the MP4 is not on either a video CD or DVD, even if you have successfully burn MP4 to DVD without converting, you will still encounter issues in playing MP4 on DVD player: Regular standalone DVD players can only read movie DVD's (those are in MPEG-2, and if you view them in Windows Explorer, you see a folder structure with VIDEO_TS, and files like .VOB .IFO and .BUP). Newer DVD players that are DivX-certified can (in addition to the above) read data DVD’s with an AVI file encoded in the DivX codec. Most of the time, you will fail to play MP4 on DVD player unless the DVD players have the "Nero Digital" label on them.
Method 2. Converting MP4 to DVD player supported formats with three steps

Therefore, in order to play all MP4 videos on DVD player, you need a professional MP4 to DVD video converter to convert MP4 videos to DVD player compatible format like DivX AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-1. Here is a powerful MP4 to DVD player tool - Pavtube Video Converter to help you. (read review)

Below will introduce the detailed guide on how to use this wonderful tool to successfully convert MP4 to DVD player supported videos for playing MP4 on DVD player nicely. Free download and buy the right version of this best MP4 to DVD player Converter Mac version - Pavtube Video Converter for Mac (read review) according to your computer type.

Free download the MP4 to DVD Player converter Windows version:


Free download the MP4 to DVD Player converter Mac version:



How to Convert MP4 videos to DVD Player friendly format?

(Note here we take windows version as an example, and the Mac version steps are same with the Mac version.)

Step 1. Load MP4 files to the Program

Click "Add video" button to add MP4 videos to the program. In case you would want to convert several MP4 files at the same time, just click “ Merge into one file ” to merge them all into one. 


Step 2. Select DVD player friendly MPEG-2/AVI as output format

Click "Format" firstly. Then choose MPEG-2 video(*.mpg) or AVI from "Common video"  for playing MP4 on DVD Player without any problems. 


Tips: You can also click “ Settings ” to customize output video parameters such as video size, video bitrate, audio channels and so on depending on your needs.

Step 3. Convert MP4 to DVD player supported DivX AVI/MPEG-2

Click the big "Convert" to start MP4 to DVD player. When all the work has been done, please click green arrow button to start converting your MP4 files to MPEG-2 or DivX.

Once it is completed, you can click "Open output directory" to find your output DVD folder file. Afterwards, simply import converted MP4 files to DVD player. At last, you can play MP4 videos on DVD player at ease.

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