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Convert TS to MP4 on Mac or Windows with one best way

December 13 2016 , Written by Bonnie Published on #convert ts to mp4, ts to mp4 video converter

Software programs differ but their tutorials are more or less the same. It will not be hard for you even as a beginner. Do a complete scan of the market to settle for a convertor that is well suited for handling your files conversion tasks. The main advantage of these convertors for TS is that they support both video and audio formats.

Best Program to Convert TS to MP4 on Windows/Mac

Have you been tired of using video convertors that take all your time yet they don’t deliver the right results? Well, Pavtube Video Converter is the right solution to that problem and you will be advantaged to settle for it. You will experience the fastest possible speeds when converting your TS files to not only MP4 but several other supported formats. It will take minutes to convert videos as long as hours. To complement on that, there is no quality loss for converted videos since originality of both audio and image is preserved. (Read Review)

Besides, it also can convert various video including TS, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, Tivo, FLV, MPG, WRF, WVM, VOB, MOD etc to MP4 easily. It supports converting any format to MP4 and converting MP4 to any formats. What's more, you can edit your videos just before you convert them using Pavtube Video Converter’s inbuilt video editor.

Start converting TS to MP4 on Windows/Mac


-If you are a Windows user, just follow the tutorial below to convert TS to MP4 for Windows (Windows 10 supported).

-If you want to convert TS to MP4 in Mac (Maverick included), download Video Converter for Mac version. This Mac app convert TS format to MP4 format Mac without losing the video quality and have super fast conversion speed which would save your time a lot.

Step 1. Import TS files

It is very fast importing TS files to your program through dragging them and dropping. This takes very limited time and effort. For those who are not comfortable with this one, there is still the alternative of using the menu bar to click on “File” and then “Load Files”.

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output format

Choosing the right output format will be the next thing after files have been imported. Choose MP4 from the choices offered on the right side of the video and then select where to save the files after conversion. Of course, the location must be easy to browse through.

Step 3. Start Converting TS to MP4

There is a “Convert” button which you will be required to click for the conversion process to begin. Whether it takes long or short period to complete, it should be none of your concerns. You should be happy that it will be successful and deliver desired results.

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