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3 ways to convert MP4 files to MP3

December 24 2015 , Written by Bonnie Published on #mp4 to mp3, #extract audio from mp4, #turn mp4 to mp3

MP4 is one of the most common video formats in the digital world. It can contain both video and audio tracks. If you just want the audio from an MP4 file, you can extract the audio track and convert it into MP3 format. These MP3 file can then be played on virtually any device. If you have MP4 audio, such as M4A tracks, you can convert them into MP3 files so that you can play them on a wider variety of devices. Besides, MP3 files are smaller in size so you can save a lot of space by converting video into audio.

Converting MP4 to MP3 is very easy. All you need is 
Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.(read review) It's capable of extracting audio from any given video files--like MP4 to MP3, and converting almost every audio and video format, such as blu-rayYouTube, etc. Plus, it has a group of pre-designated options to make exported file suitable for many devices including iPod, iPad, and mobile players like Android phones, Kindle Fire, etc. Take a look at short step-by step instruction on how to turn MP4 into MP3 within just a few minutes. Besides, here offers you another three methods to get MP3 from MP4, choose the appropriate method depend your need. 

If you are a windows user, you can get Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, which supports the latest windows 10/8.1.

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Method 1 of 3: How to Convert MP4 to MP3

Step 1. Import MP4 files

Click the "Add video" icon to import MP4 files into it, or you can drag-and-drop directly. Then you will find a horn icon on the left that indicates it's an audio file. 

Step 2. Choose the MP3 Format

In this case, select "MP3" from the "Format" drop-down menu and  and choose "Common Audio > MP3 – MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*.mp3)" 

If you want to play the converted audio file to popular media devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP etc., you can choose the ready presets on the left side for the corresponding device.

Tip: If you are not satisfied with the default audio quality, just click the "Settings" icon and choose wanted audio settings including sample rate, bitrate and audio channel.

Step 3. Start to rip MP4 to MP3

After you finish choosing the settings you want, just hit the "Start conversion" button to start .mp4 to .mp3 sound file conversion and wait until it is done processing. It may take a while depending on the length of the video and the setting you choose.

That is it! Now you're ready to listen to your MP3 or import it to your player, iTunes, or music library. Have a fun!

Method 2 of 3: Avidemux (MP4 Video)

1. Download and install Avidemux
2. Open the MP4 file in Avidemux. Click "File" → "Open" and then browse for the MP4 file.

3. Click the drop-down menu in the "Audio Output" section and select "MP3 (lame)". The drop-down menu will usually say "Copy" by default. "lame" is the audio encoder that will be used to convert the audio to MP3 format. 

4. Click the "Audio" menu and select "Save audio". Choose the location that you want to save the new MP3 to. Your original MP4 file will remain in its original location.
If the MP4 file has multiple audio tracks, you can select the one you want from the "Audio" menu.

5.Type a name for the file. Make sure to include the ".mp3" extension. Avidemux will not include the .mp3 extension automatically. You'll need to make sure you add it to the end of the new file's name. You can also rename the file later and add the ".mp3" to the end.

6.Wait for the file to be created. Avidemux will begin converting the audio track to MP3 format. Once the process is complete, the file will appear at the location you set. If the file is not in MP3 format, right-click on it, select "Rename", and add ".mp3" to the end.

Method 3 of 3: iTunes (MP4 Audio)

1. Know the different types of MP4 audio files. Apple has created several MP4-variants, including M4A, M4P, M4B, and M4R. These files can all be played in iTunes, but you can use iTunes to convert them to MP3 format as well.

2.Download and install iTunes. Add the files that you want to convert to the iTunes library. Click the "File" or "iTunes" menu and select "Add to Library". Browse for the files you want to add.

3.Click the "Edit" or "iTunes" menu and select "Preferences". Click the "General" tab if it isn't opened automatically.

4. Click the .Import Settings button. In the "Import Using" menu, select "MP3 Encoder".

5.Right-click on the file you want to convert in iTunes. Select "Create MP3 Version" from the menu that appears. The new MP3 version will be created and placed in the same location as the original file. You can right-click the file and select "Show in Windows Explorer" or "Show in Finder" to open the folder containing the file.

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